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Custom & Semi-Custom Websites

We design engaging, modern websites on the WIX cloud based platform.

We offer custom and semi-custom websites based on your needs and budget. All websites are designed mobile friendly and SEO optimized. 

Custom websites are a completely unique online presence without the use of a ready made template.  The design will be created from scratch while hosted on the robust WIX platform.

Custom Websites - starting at $1,750 (5 pages)* 

*$125 per additional page

Semi-custom websites utilize an existing WIX template.  This option is perfect for clients looking to create a web presence quicker and on a budget.  We can change out the text, pictures and colors to customize it to your brand.

Semi-custom websites - starting at $950.00 (5 pages)*

*$95 per additional page

WIX is a closed source platform.  This means that it is monitored and updated per website standards 24/7.  This ensures that your website will function and continue to look as designed without down time.  WIX has awesome features including free and purchased apps that help elevate your website.  There is customer support available to you to answer any platform based questions and take care of any infrequent glitches that may appear.  SEO is easy to optimize on WIX so your online presence is visible.  With WIX you are not at the mercy of several independent developers and are not taking the risk of broken links, updates and maintenance not being performed which cause your website to not function as it is meant to. 

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Our team is based out of Prescott, Arizona but we happily work with businesses all over the USA.

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