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Getting Started 

It's time to start your website!

We are excited to get started on designing and building your new website!  As per our service agreement we will work diligently on your website, before we can start we do need a few things from you.  To make this process easy and quick we have outlined exactly what we need and have broken down creating content into small easy tasks to help you complete your end of the process so we can get started!  Follow the steps below and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The whole process:

  1.  Gather all content and collateral (photos, logo, site colors in HEX format, social media info) for your new website.  

  2.  Fill out the Website Form  - Once this is sent to us we will be contacting you to say hello and go over everything for your new website.

  3. A Contract will be sent stating work agreed upon, we need this signed, returned and deposit paid.

  4. Upon receiving your signed contract and deposit your website will be designed with content and collateral loaded.  

  5. Using the feedback tool we send you, review your new website.  All changes and corrections will be made.

  6. Final approval of website using the feedback tool

  7. At the time you give your final approval on your new website your final payment and hosting fee will be paid.

  8. Your new website will be reviewed for SEO, mobile optimization and connected to hosting to go live.

  9. Viola!  You have your new website live and ready to go!

*This process typically takes 2-3 weeks once all content and collateral is received as long as website review and approval is done in timely manner.

We have streamlined our process...

We understand the amount of time and energy that goes into gathering all of the collateral that is needed for a website.  To ensure that your website build is quick and efficient, we ask you to gather all collateral and write all content to submit at once.  

 Content & Photos

Scroll through the website form and gather all collateral, information and content needed before filling it out.  The more information you provide, the more complete and user friendly your website will turn out.  Review other websites you like and pay attention to the website pages and layout.  Make sure to upload your content for each page or section in a Word document as follows:

Page - Section 

Title - What do you want it to be called eg. About, About Us

Sub - Title (if applicable)


There are several free photo websites (Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay) to choose amazing high resolution photos for your website.  When choosing photos from these websites please include the URL of the picture in the content form.  If you have professional high resolution photos you would like to use for your website make sure to upload them to the content form as well.

Tips for content and collateral

Your business website is prime real estate to let people know what your do, why you do it and what you can do for them.  Also, think about how you want your website to function. Do you want to give information only? Are you collecting email addresses? Are you selling products online?  

Take a look at your competitors current websites.  What are things you like about these websites?  What don't you like?  Is it clear what they do to potential clients or customers?  Take note of your favorite websites and how they look visually.  These examples will help us design the perfect website for you!

By now we are sure you have heard that content is king when it comes to the internet.  We recommend hiring a copy writer - there are so many good ones and we are happy to recommend a few for you.  If you cannot afford to have them write all your content, you can write the initial copy and hire one to tweak it for you. If you want to write it yourself there are several resources available online to get you started.

We recommend to have professional photography done when it comes to your products and head shots of employees.  If you need more photos or cannot afford to have professional photos done there are several free and paid options to choose great professional photos online.  We can guide you to these if needed.  

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